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Thank you, to all of those Instructors that have come on board with our new Beginner Program. We now have a wonderful network around Australia with our Beginners Program. Feedback on classes and dances taught are always welcome as we are never beyond learning new techniques to help our beginners learn a little easier. "Split Floors" are becoming even more popular which is just wonderful as this gives ALL the opportunity to dance. Which really, is what Line Dancing is all about. If you have any feedback or suggestion's , "Remember",
               "LET ME KNOW"
as this can only help improve our program.
For those Instructors thinking about joining our team or requiring more information, email me as I would be only too pleased to hear from you.

Thank you again to those that have supported this program this year. Keep up the good work as our "Beginners" are most important to the future of Line Dancing.

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